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The Jack Medal

In 2018, the International Association for the Study of Scottish Literatures launched the Jack Prize, awarded annually for the best article on a subject related to Reception or Diaspora in Scottish Literatures (including Scots, English, Gaelic and Latin).  The award is named in honour of Professor Ronald Dyce Sadler Jack PhD D.Litt. FRSE (1941-2016), Professor of Scottish and Mediaeval Literature at the University of Edinburgh from 1987-2004 and director of the Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation. Professor Jack’s work on Scottish literature’s Continental and Italian dimensions was groundbreaking. From his The Italian Influence in Scottish Literature (1972) on, he championed a concept of Scottish literature open to the world and engaged in dialogue with it. In 2021, the award named in his memory became the Jack Medal.

The call for submissions and nominations for 2023 is now open. Find out more about the conditions here.

Deadline for submissions and nominations: 30 November 2023

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