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Join our expanding network of international scholars and help support Scottish Studies in a global context.

IASSL members receive our quarterly newsletter, which provides information about publications, conferences and other events, and features articles on organisations and institutions of importance to Scottish studies around the world.  Membership is required to take part in the World Congress of Scottish Literatures, but we aim to keep our dues low so that IASSL is accessible to everyone.

Our current membership options are:

  • 10.00 GBP for 1 year 

  • 20.00 GBP for 3 years

To join, please fill out the membership form and email it to the IASSL secretary.  Your membership fees can be paid through Paypal. To do so, navigate to the Paypal website and select the option to send money. Enter as recipient and then the appropriate fee.

We are currently offering a free 3-year membership to any PhD students working on Scottish literatures or languages! Simply fill out the PhD membership form and email it to the IASSL secretary.

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