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Histor and Birsin Yont

Gangin throuch a the warld raxin to plant the Scots leid’s scrievin
Murray Pittock



The Warldwide Associat for the Clerk Leir o braid Scotland’s Leid and Scrievin (IASSL in Suddroun) begint ben the comatee o the firstlin collogue metin o the Warldwide Associat at Glasco i the year fowerteen, fir the college leir o Scots an Scotland’s letterin throuch the warld.  The Associat wis the owrecome o monie year o leir, frae the first outgang o Studies in Scottish Literature mair nor fyvety year syne, throuch the makin o the ‘Association for Scottish Literary Studies’ (ASLS) i the year seeventy-ane, the ‘Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society’ (ECSSS) i the auchties, the Scotland’s Scrievin collogue o the Modern Language Association i twa thoosand and the ‘Society for Scottish Studies in Europe’. As the college leir o Scots an Scotland has bin on the grow, sae colleges an collegin hae sharit collogues, metin, collagers an leir gaun the gate o siller fir seirchouris. Bein a Warlwide Associat, IASSL jines the haudin forrit o Scots Leid an Scrievin wi the sharin o collegers an seirchouris throuch the warld.


Birsin Yont

Whit shuld sic an Associat dae, and hou to dae it? Firstlins, it’ll no dae ilk that’s daen by its freens o ither Scots Associats, but rax the leid an scrievin ayont oor kintra tae the warld’s bounding, nae haud it close inbye. The Collogue an Associat jine wi ASLS (outganger o ‘Scottish Literary Review’), ECSSS, ‘International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL)’, ‘the Robert Burns World Federation’, ‘Scottish Historical Review’, ‘Studies in Scottish Literature’ an gentil colleges i Canada, Czechia, Neu Zeelan an the United States tae mak a brulyie tae the yird’s end fir Scots leid an scrievin throuch metin, collogue, seirchourin an permutation o collegers an folk o leir.


IASSL gies a Warld Collogues i the years outbye a rig fir plan an makin by plannys yit tae be. IASSL wull be helpender tae the kennin o a nacioun i the leir o leid an scrievin o Scotland throuch the warld.  IASSL gies a rig for them worrit by the stour anent Scots an Scotland’s leir an gie a the gate no tae worry upo kliers; raxin fir nae thewless themes o dwinin fame, but seirchourin, permutation o collegers, jinin Maisters gates or doctorats  i Scots scrievin an giein a wabsteid metin tae a wi leir o Scots ootwith Scotland fir leirin skill o Scotland’s sell an the inbye kennin o’t. IASSL brocht into the warld the Scottish Histor o thocht an leir, daein an scrievin o oor Enlichtenment, gangin its ain gate fir kennin an gear weel-jined, an awa fae a inutile speculation.

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